Keeping your windows clean all-year-round is essential for keeping your home looking beautiful whether you are inside, looking out, or outside, looking in. In this article, we’ll share some pro window cleaning tips to use throughout the year.

Spring Cleaning: Combat Pollen and Grime

Spring is the prime time for clearing any marks left by the winter weather or the accumulation of pollen.

  1. Deep clean: Apply a mixture of mild detergent and water with a microfiber cloth or a squeegee for streak-free windows.
  2. Manage pollen: Rinse windows to remove pollen and wipe them off later to ensure clear views.
  3. Inspect and repair: Check for any damage to windows or screens due to winter and repair it.

Summer Strategies: Beat the Heat

The streaks become more visible during long sunny days in summer emphasizing regular summer cleaning.

  1. Avoid peak heat: Prefer to clean in the early morning or late afternoon to prevent quick drying and streaks.
  2. UV protection: Apply UV protective films to protect your interior from sun damage.

Autumn Advice: Prep for the Cold

Rain and leaf litter require regular maintenance during autumn.

  1. Keep gutters clear: Leaf and moss build up in your gutters can cause them to overflow and leave streaks on your external walls and windows.
  2. Seal and insulate: Check and seal leaks and gaps before the winter season. This one can even save you money on your heating if you find weak spots!

Winter Wisdom: Insulate and Protect

Winter’s chill requires insulation and the right time to clean.

  1. Pick a mild day: Wash your windows on a day or time of day when the water isn’t likely to freeze. Late morning on a sunny day is ideal, although quite rare, especially here in Manchester.
  2. Boost insulation: Thermal blinds and heavy curtains are helpful for a warm environment and reducing heating costs.

Year-round maintenance

Here are some exclusive tips for window longevity and cleaning beyond seasonal maintenance.

  1. Clean regularly: Frequent cleaning prevents stain build-up and eases seasonal maintenance.
  2. Invest in quality tools: Quality squeegees, cloths, and ladders make cleaning more effective.
  3. Professional help: For challenging windows, a professional cleaning at least once a month can make a big difference, plus it’s much safer for you and your window’s integrity.


Regular and seasonal window cleaning is key to external home care. A seasonal cleaning routine can ensure your windows stay clear and functional all year round. It lets you enjoy the changing seasons without worrying about your home’s appearance.

Dean Smith is the owner and founder of Clean & Cut, a family run window cleaning and external property maintenance company that has been serving the Greater Manchester area for over 30 years. Whether it's domestic window cleaning or large commercial contracts, Dean's unparalleled expertise and dedication to exceptional service has positioned Clean & Cut as the go-to choice for anyone seeking quality, reliability and knowledgeable property maintenance services.