While shiny, clean windows keep your property looking great, regular window cleaning has many more benefits than just appearance. It helps maintain the overall health, longevity, and look of your home or business. We know its benefits from first-hand experience in the field, so here’s our professional opinion on regular window cleaning.

1. Prolongs Window Life

Dirt and debris can pile up and damage your windows without proper maintenance, in gusts of winds it can cause minor scratches on the glass and damage the seal. Regular cleaning can prolong the window’s lifespan by preventing this corrosion and etching.

2. Improves Energy Efficiency

Clean windows are helpful for energy efficiency by allowing more natural light and warmth into your space. This reduces the dependency on artificial lighting and heating resulting in lower energy bills.

3. Improves Health

Another major benefit of regular internal window cleaning is a healthier living environment. Dirt and dust are a big source of respiratory and allergen issues and regular cleaning helps avoid these issues, improving your overall health.

4. Prevents Damage

Windows get damaged by hard water, acidity in the rain, and other pollutants. Keep your windows safe from these issues by maintaining a cleaning routine that works for you, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

5. Enhances Natural Light and Views

Clear windows mean clear views. Let natural light enter your home through sparkling windows. A higher dose of natural light has been proven to have so many benefits including an improvement of your mood, productivity and even provide better sleep cycles.

6. Increased Property Value

It’s no secret that a well maintained property results in better property value, and well maintained windows shouldn’t be neglected. Whether you’re planning to sell or just proud to maintain value and appearance then regular window cleaning can give your property the confidence boost it needs.


In short, regular window cleaning offers many benefits like aesthetic appeal, a healthy environment, energy efficiency, and property value. It is our professional advice to property owners to have windows cleaned regularly, whether you do it yourself or hire professionals for window maintenance, it ensures you and your family live in a healthy environment and enjoy clear views.

Dean Smith is the owner and founder of Clean & Cut, a family run window cleaning and external property maintenance company that has been serving the Greater Manchester area for over 30 years. Whether it's domestic window cleaning or large commercial contracts, Dean's unparalleled expertise and dedication to exceptional service has positioned Clean & Cut as the go-to choice for anyone seeking quality, reliability and knowledgeable property maintenance services.