There are several myths about window cleaning which make this seemingly simple job quite complicated. In this article, we have discussed these misconceptions with some amazing tips for effectively cleaning your windows.

Myth 1: Using Newspaper

It is undeniably the most popular myth that comes straight to mind when thinking about window cleaning myths. Before reaching for one of your old newspapers, remember that the ink can smear and the soggy newspaper can stick to your windows leaving a mess and streaks behind. A better option is to simply invest in some microfiber cloths or squeegees and get a streak-free finish without mess.

Myth 2: More Glass Cleaner Equals Cleaner Windows

“The more window cleaning solution, the cleaner the windows” in fact, yields contrary results. Avoid using excessive solution as it leaves a residue that actually attracts more dirt. Instead, opt for a small amount of mild detergent in water to get clean and streak-free windows.

Myth 3: Sunny Days Are Best for Window Cleaning

Sunny days are the best to get a decent tan, but not for window cleaning. Sunlight dries the cleaning solution quicker than needed resulting in streaky windows. A thorough window cleaning is more achievable during overcast days when the sun can’t speed up the drying process.

Myth 4: Vinegar Is the Ultimate Window Cleaner

Vinegar is not a universal cleaning solution, use it only for hard water stains like on your shower door. A mix of mild detergent and water is more than enough for regular window cleaning. Try to only use vinegar for particularly tough spots as it is harsh on your skin and can leave your windows smelling like a fish and chip shop.

Myth 5: Professional Window Cleaning Isn’t Worth It

All the above-mentioned myths lead to a misconception that professional window cleaning isn’t worth it. Now, all biases aside, we genuinely believe professional window cleaners are worth every penny. We can prevent damages and ensure proper cleaning of high windows and hard-to-reach areas with special tools and techniques. We have years of experience, have tried countless products and techniques resulting in a spotless clean every time. Some glass types require proper handling by professionals and some places are simply not safely accessible, which is where the professionals come in.


Dispelling these myths leads to better window-cleaning practices. Whether you opt for DIY or professional help, the right methods can keep your windows clear and in good condition. Remember, the aim is not just cleanliness but also preserving the integrity of your windows for a clear view and a beautiful home exterior.

Dean Smith is the owner and founder of Clean & Cut, a family run window cleaning and external property maintenance company that has been serving the Greater Manchester area for over 30 years. Whether it's domestic window cleaning or large commercial contracts, Dean's unparalleled expertise and dedication to exceptional service has positioned Clean & Cut as the go-to choice for anyone seeking quality, reliability and knowledgeable property maintenance services.